Mobile Isolation Helmet

About US

Vietnam Innovation Products Pte.Ltd was founded in response to the absence of innovative and effective Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) available to the public in the face of global pandemics.

Based in Singapore, American and Vietnam, we’re a passionate team of young inventors and problem solvers to conduct serious researches into innovative solutions to fight COVID-19, as well as any dangerous viruses in the future.

The first product we’re deploying, the Vihelm Mobile Isolation Helmet, won Best Invention Design Award in The International Patent Competition 2020 (ICAN).


Vihelm has received recommendation by several large hospitals and the Vietnam Young Physician Association, a prestigious group of nearly one hundred thousand of Vietnamese doctors.

Vihelm comes from a team of young innovators from Vietnam - a country with much renown success in fighting Covid-19. With a population of nearly 100 millions people, Vietnam has reported only 1,225 cases and 35 deaths thanks to a combination of stringent social distancing rules, contact tracing, and quarantine policies. As Vietnameses, we understand too well the difficulty of reduced contact, and the limitations of current protective measures. That’s why we are committed to bring to you an innovative solution to get back your own lives while still remaining safe

The entire manufacturing process will take place in Vietnam - home to production plants of world-leading tech firms such as LG, Samsung... Taking advantage of Vietnam’s low labour cost, readily available material and production infrastructure, we are committed to bring to you a high-quality, state-of-the-art PPE affordable to all.

Vihelm is designed to maximize comfort and communication. We hope our products will protect both wearer and the people around from airborn pathogen and from touching contaminated objects.