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Powerful ventilation & Triple protection (N95, HEPA, UV-C Sterlizing)
Best invention design, patent pending, Standard ISO 13485:2016 (Medical Devices), submitted for FDA Approval

 Masks leave your eyes exposed

The eyes are a key route for airborne threats to infect humans, a study at University of Hong Kong found. On average, people touch their faces 23 times an hour. That means roughly every 3 minutes you risk transferring the virus from contaminated surfaces to your body--potentially through the eyes--even if you are wearing a mask.

Even the CDC admitted that: "..the protective effects - how well the mask protects healthy people from breathing in the virus - are unknown.”

See how Vihelm protects the eyes

You cannot remove your mask to eat or drink

Xu Mengwei, a nurse from Yuhang District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, worked four shifts a day in Hubei this April to combat the pandemic. During that time, she and other medics had to resist hunger and thirst due to all the protective gear they wear.

Recharge with Vihelm

Threats can get through the gaps

Airborne pathogens can easily sneak in through the gaps between the mask and your face. The most effective type of mask - the non-woven surgical variety - lets 10% of droplets smaller than 20 microns pass through. Polyester and cotton masks wearers fare even worse: they breathe in 40% of the smaller droplets.

Chance of getting past Vihelm: 0%

Vihelm fixes all shortcomings of common PPE products, protecting you even when in close contact (within 6 feet). Our product prevents you from both inhaling airborne vectors and touching contaminated objects, so that you can safely touch your loved ones.
Keep touching safely with Vihelm!

Three layers of protections - a medical-grade non-woven filter, a HEPA filter, and a high-efficiency germicidal UV chamber - remove all airborne threats.
Vihelm’s powerful blower maintains positive pressure inside the helmet at all times, and pumps more than 9 cubic feet (252 liters) of fresh, purified air into the breathing zone every minute.
The air supply system is powered by two long-lasting batteries (12 to 20 hours on a single charge), which can be charged while in use, guaranteeing uninterrupted protection.
The filter cartridge and breathing tube can be moved from the back to the front, allowing comfortable sitting experience. Vihelm’s compact design can be easily used even within the confinement of an economy-class seat. 

Vihelm offers both protection and long-term comfort 

Certain threat can live for days on many surfaces


Vihelm protects you everywhere, from crowded public spaces to confined environments like an airplane seat. On the bus, in the tube, we got you covered. 

“We’ll have to find a way to live and work with the pandemic in the new normal period. If Vihelm can go into production with medical safety, it will become a great support for the frontline doctors”.

Prof. Le Dinh Thanh - director of Thong Nhat Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Vihelm has been presented to and praised by WHO, UNDP, as well as leading physicians from large hospitals in Vietnam. 

Vihelm has been independently tested by the Key Laboratory of Advanced Material for Green Growth, Vietnam National University and meets ISO 13485:2016 Standard of Quality Managament for Medical Device.

Low CO2 build-up

Vihelm’s powerful blower can draw in 27 cubic feet (ft3) of air through the filters and supply 9 ft3 of fresh air into your breathing zone every minute. As a result, the CO2 build-up inside the helmet is kept at 2,471 ppm (part per million), or 0.2471%.

Near perfect PM2.5 Filtration Efficacy

The second protective layer, a HEPA filter chamber, can capture 99.96% of PM2.5, 300x smaller than fine sand. The famous N95 mask serves a similar purpose but has lower filtration efficiency.

Cool temperature

Thanks to our super-blower, the air in the headgear constantly moves and provides a feeling of coolness. When test participants put on Vihelm and walk around indoors, the difference in temperature and humidity becomes virtually unnoticeable: an increase of 32.5°F (0.3°C) in temperature and 6% in humidity. 

For detailed test results, click here

That is why it's called the Mobile Isolation Helmet. 

Vihelm protects you everywhere, from crowded public spaces to confined environments like an airplane seat. On the bus, in the tube, we got you covered. 


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Vihelm comes from a team of young innovators from Vietnam - a country with renowned success in fighting the pandemic. With a population of nearly 100 million people, Vietnam has reported only 1,225 cases and 35 deaths thanks to a combination of stringent social distancing rules, contact tracing, and quarantine policies.
As Vietnamese, we understand too well the difficulty of reduced contact and the limitations of the current protective measures. That’s why we are committed to bringing you an innovative solution that helps you get back your lives while still staying safe.
The entire manufacturing process will take place in Vietnam - home to production plants of world-leading tech firms such as LG and Samsung, enjoying Vietnam’s low labour cost, readily available material and production infrastructure.

Vihelm combines a protective respirator with the concept of a glove used in laboratory settings, offering a way to touch the face while still keeping the respiratory tract isolated from the external environment.

The glove:
* made from waterproof antibacterial nanosilver fabric
* placed at the bottom front of the helmet
* can be neatly folded away when not in use.

Choose Vihelm and recharge with an energy bar or a juice box stored inside two removable elastic pockets attached to the inner sides of the helmet.
The pockets can also be used to store other personal items such as glasses, facial tissues, etc.

Airborne pathogens have no chance getting past Vihelm 

Vihelm is designed with an elastic ring perfectly covering the outline of the face while our superior blower helps keep positive pressure inside the headgear at all times, ensuring an isolated environment inside the helmet.